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Free Cloud Storage

                 Advantages Of Free Cloud Storage

You might be familiar with the cloud storage facility from Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and many more. However, there are also less prominent free cloud storage facilities that could offer you a number of features and functions, just like the ones mentioned above. All you have to do is to go into its details before ruling it out from your options for cloud storage free services.

Sugar Sync

SugarSync cloud storage is simple to use and is easily accessible. You can set up SugarSync on Windows and Mac, thus preventing Operating system restrictions. The cloud storage facility allows you to control the bandwidth for backups. In fact, the process helps you ensure that you are not increasing the network traffic at undesirable times.

It is possible for you to restore the files since they are backed up, preventing you from seeking the help of a professional to set everything right during times of error. Almost all mobile devices are compatible with SugarSync. SugarSync facilitates data encryption and hence file transfers are monitored effectively. You could get a wide range of plans and obtain up to five gigabytes free of cost.


Box allows you to manage your files in the cloud and provides file structures. You could get real time updates and assign jobs from the virtual workspace. More importantly, it can be accessed via any mobile devices with their newly launched One Cloud. Box offers secure file storage and file sharing for any business, no matter how big they are. Box free cloud storage is compatible with the any IT structure and can be used along with your proprietary apps as well.


Easily Accessible

                        Accessing Free Cloud Storage

Yet another addition to the less known cloud storage facility that provides you with excellent file management.  You can set up a file structure and design your own virtual rooms that can be shared with employees and customers. Data loss is prevented with their versioning system. When many people work on the same file, it is likely to incur data loss. It is integrated with SharePoint and features an iPhone app for file access while on the go.

Ftopia offers state of the art security features that facilitate the security of files uploaded to the cloud storage. It ensures that there are no data changes once the files are uploaded to it.

Choose from the above mentioned, less known, but good quality cloud storage facilities to store, access and share your documents. Avail the offers and benefits once you find that it meets your business requirements.

Facts On OneDrive Online Storage Support From Microsoft

Microsoft Cloud Storage

Benefits Of Microsoft Cloud Storage

Online Cloud storage allows you to store, share and access your personal files anytime, anywhere. All you need to have is internet accessibility and it is done! You can store your document files, photos, videos etc. from your Smartphone within no time. When it comes to online storage, Microsoft cloud storage is one among the best. It has been in news again when they recently announced the transformation of SkyDrive storage to OneDrive that helps you to connect with your personal files 24X7, with improved features.

Features of Microsoft OneDrive

With OneDrive storage facility, you can browse all of your files and those files that are shared with you. It is possible for you to share files with a link send by email. Like SkyDrive or any other online storage facility, you can move, rename and delete files. Creating new folders within the online storage facility is much easier.

With the Camera Back up, you can automatically upload videos and photos to your OneDrive online storage account. You can easily access the recently opened documents. Open it in your office mobile or in a Smartphone and access the convenience at the tip of your fingers.

Microsoft offers OneDrive and OneDrive for business as well. OneDrive for business is the personal storage option for the employees. They can store, share and sync files over a multitude of devices with added security. OneDrive for business helps them to work together with many departments in real time. With Office online, you can make changes to the original document and move it to the OneDrive account within no time. No matter which part of the world you are in, you could do instant editing and store the document in the OneDrive online storage account.

SkyDrive Storage

Microsoft Cloud Storage Options

Microsoft cloud storage offers businesses 25GB storage per employee, along with the option of purchasing additional storage and offline sync. It features a number of administrative controls, tailor made for businesses, with access from a wide range of devices. If you are using business class email along with online meetings, you can easily incorporate the same.

One among the big improvements is the Business search Box in OneDrive. It offers type ahead features that allow you to find the files shared on the files. Another feature is that you can share the files directly from within the search results.

Sign in to OneDrive to make use of the added features. It adheres to the tagline, “one place for everything in your life”!

Google Plans To Cut Cloud Storage Prices

Google Cloud Storage

          Cloud Storage Service

There is good news for the techies out there. Google has recently slashed the prices of the cloud storage services offered by them. This has stepped up the competition against other cloud service providers like Dropbox, Microsoft, and Box. Google is now offering hundred Gigabytes of online storage for just 9.99 dollars per month. They are also offering 10, 20, and 30 TB of Google cloud storage space for 99.99 dollars, 199.99 dollars, and 299.99 dollars a month.

Upon signing up, the user will get 15 GB of free online space from Google. This online storage space will be used across all Google services like Drive, Photos, Gmail etc. Scott Johnston who is the Google Drive’s director of product management wrote in one of his blog post, “How big is a terabyte anyway? Well, that’s enough storage for you to take a selfie twice a day for the next 200 years and still have room left over for… shall we say… less important things.”

With this aggressive price reduction, Google has hit the other important players in the online storage world. Microsoft is offering only 7 GB of free OneDrive storage to the new users at signup. Other prices are 25 dollars for 50 GB, 50 dollars for 100 GB, and 100 dollars for 200 GB of online storage space.

Online Storage Space

          Google Cloud

In the same way, Dropbox provides 2 GB storage space free of cost and an additional 100 GB space for 9.99 dollars. There is also a plan for the business users. They are offering plans wherein they charge fifteen dollars per month for a minimum of five users and provide unlimited online storage. The cloud storage market is expected to be worth forty seven billion by the end of 2018 that is up from approximately 9 billion dollars in the year 2013. This will obviously bring yet another revenue stream to the technology companies around the world. It is expected that the cloud storage service will grow at a steady rate of 40.2 percent annually during this period.

From the above news, it is clear that the coming decade will be the decade of cloud storage and with their aggressive price reduction plan, they will make a very good impression in the market. If you wish to know more on the Google cloud storage services, you can contact the Google support team. They will be able to provide you more details of the Google cloud storage services.

Secure The Cloud Storage With iDriveSync

Best Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Often in these days you hear about Cloud storage, if you are wondering what is cloud storage, it is nothing but an online storage service. One of the best things about cloud storage is that there is no chance of losing your data due to hardware or software issues; it will be safely stored on the servers of the cloud storage provider. However till now, people had a small issue related with security in the cloud storage sector. However with the advent of the iDriveSync tool, users will have complete control over their data stored in the cloud server.

The manufacturers of the tool have selected a catchy caption for it, Sync and Share solution, which is pretty good. The software allows the users to synchronize their files across multiple devices like iPad, iPods, android devices, and Windows and Mac computers. The good thing about this is that it is the best cloud storage solution around, and can be accessed through a web browser too. The tool also allows users to share pictures with your friends and family.

Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Service

Saving files to the best cloud storage system is as simple as copying a file to a folder. When you install the iDriveSync tool on your computer, it will create a folder named iDriveSync in the computer, if you would like to add some details to the iDriveSync account online, you just need to select the file and drag and drop it in the folder. The system will automatically upload these files to the server of the cloud storage provider, and you will be able to view the same file in all the other devices that you make use of for viewing files in iDriveSync.

The best cloud storage feature of iDriveSync is that it stores about thirty recent versions of the file in the cloud storage server, so that you will be able to look back at the changes you have made to the file. One of the best features of the cloud service is that it has way more security than any other cloud storage services. The best feature is that the user will be able to select the level of encryption needed for his files. So as a whole, one could state without any doubt that iDriveSync is one of its kind as it provides both security and storage in a single program.

Evaluating The Top Three Cloud Storage Services

cloud storage comparison

              detailed cloud storage comparison

Storing files nowadays are quite easy and instead of searching for your USBs or other devices, you might feel it a lot easier to save your files on cloud storage servers. This is the current trend in securing data – whether the files are personal or office documents. Your files, which otherwise are exposed to risks like hard drive failure, missing USB devices or natural calamities would be secure online using cloud storage devices, which are the best option that would help you access your data from anywhere in the world by accessing the storage account with a username and password.

There are many cloud storage services that are mostly preferred by people and they include Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. A cloud storage comparison will definitely help you to evaluate the best among them. Let us proceed.

Amazon Cloud Drive

You have no restrictions with regard to the type of uploading files in Amazon Cloud Driven even though they are meant for music files. You can upload any kind of files, the Cloud Drive synchronizes with the retail operation of Amazon, and the music files that you have bought from will be filtered and downloaded using a tool to the Cloud Drive. They offer 5 GB free space and you can have the maximum file size of 2GB. For additional increase in storage space, you need to pay $1per GB.

Google Drive

They are the newly released service and their predecessor was the Google Docs tool. This newly compact drive is incorporated with added features like version history. This gives the users, the opportunity to make editions on the saved file and they could easily undo the last saved version. Another advantage of using Google Drive is its integration with Google products, Gmail, Chrome and Android and thus users could enjoy all these services. Google Drive offers 5GB free space and the maximum file size supported is 5GB. Unlike Amazon Cloud Drive, online sharing is possible in Google Drive.

natural calamities

            comparing cloud storage services

Microsoft SkyDrive is the cloud storage service offered by Microsoft and it synchronizes with the latest office application of Microsoft, which is MS Office 2012. Other than that, it syncs well with OneNote online app. SkyDrive offers a free space of 7GB and the maximum file size permitted is 2GB.They are compatible with Mac OS X and Windows and web access as well as online sharing is possible using SkyDrive.

Hope the above cloud storage comparison was helpful to you.

Music Streaming And Movie Rentals Now Available For Android

Google Cloud Storage

Upload up to 20,000 songs on Cloud Storage

Movie rentals services and music will be coming directly from the Google labs to the Android devices, Google made an announcement at its I/O Conference. Users will be able to stream their own music track uploaded from a service from Google called the ‘Music Beta’. They will also be able to stream movies from the Android market or Google Play. There is an option to ‘pin’ both types of media to their devices so that they can use it offline.

Music Beta or the Google Play Music is available currently by invitation only for the Android devices with version 2.2 or higher. This version allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs to Later the users can stream the music to any other Android devices or for local storage, users can ‘pin’ it to the device. The recently played tracks would be cached automatically to the device that lets the user to use it online. This service would be free at least with the trial version, which is a Gmail-style development trajectory.

Google cloud storage is online file storage web service. The songs that the users upload would be stored in this online file web storage. The cloud storage is a combination of both file storage and sharing of the files. The cloud storage provides advanced security and safe file sharing. Hence, when people store music files in the cloud storage, they will be able to access these files from anywhere in the world.

Some of the movie rentals available online include Netflix, Love Film, QuickFlix, Vudu etc. A similar movie rental service is live and available as a tab in the Android market, which lets the users to rent a movie for $1.99. A movie that is rented can be streamed or pinned to any Android device. Nevertheless, Google did not make it clear on how long the renters will have access to the videos.

Android Devices

Google lets users to rent a movie

Google did not mention if DRM (Digital Rights Management) would be used for movie rentals. Nevertheless, Android 3.0 added a new DRM framework, in which videos will not be in the free and clear. The service seems to have an entirely different concept unlike YouTube’s streaming video service, where only titles of almost 3000 Hollywood movies were added.

It is a good option for music lovers that they can save their music files on the Google cloud storage. Check out the official Google services page for more news and updates.

Different Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage Providers

             Features Of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services help you to save your important files on online storage servers. With this technique, you can ensure the safety of your files and use it as an important source of backup. The technology is spreading its wings across the world and millions of people have already started to use cloud storage services. There are quite a few cloud storage providers and in this post, we will acquaint you with some of the best among them.


Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services in the world and it offers 2GB of free storage. Now, you may find 2GB a bit small when compared with its competitors. However, one of the unique features of Dropbox is that it adds 500MB of free space to your free account for each of your friends who is made to sign up by you. The limit for this free addition is set to 16GB. There is also paid storage services from this service provider.

Google Drive

Google has always been successful with most of its products like its email service, search engine etc. Now, with the revolution in cloud storage services, Google has come up with Google Drive. This cloud storage service gives users an enormous free space of 15GB. All you need to access the space is a Google account, which you would already be having for Gmail or YouTube. However, a small drawback of Google Drive is that it does not allow users to share the contents with social media websites directly.


OneDrive is the online storage facility from the software giant Microsoft. Just like Dropbox, OneDrive gives you additional 500MB of data storage space when you refer and make your friends sign up with the account. However, the limit for this free space is set to 3GB, which is much less when compared to the 16GB offered by Dropbox.


iTunes Software

            Cloud Storage Services

Box started to offer online storage from the year 2005. It offers 10GB of free storage space when you sign up for the account. However, a limitation of Box account is that the files uploaded to the account should not be more than 250MB.


Just like any other services from Apple, you need to have an apple device to harness all the features of iCloud. It automatically backs up files from the iTunes software with free storage limit of 5GB.

You may opt for any of these cloud storage providers according to your convenience and budget. Keep in mind that all these storage services offer free and paid services. Therefore, choose your service according to your budget and requirements.

Windows Phone 8 Users Will Receive More Free Skydrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft cloud storage

Microsoft Windows Phone 8

The lacklustre reception to Windows 8 Phone mobile OS seem to have forced Microsoft to introduce some new customer friendly features in order to make some positive momentum for the operating system among the users. It was reported lately that Redmond based software giant was going to offer free Microsoft cloud storage option for its Windows Phone 8 users. Windows Phone 8 Users will receive up to 20GB of free cloud storage as part of the deal.

Microsoft to woo users offering free cloud storage on Windows Phone 8

Experts believe that Microsoft’s decision to offer free cloud storage on SkyDrive was in the wake of the lacklustre reception to its Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. Windows Phone 8 didn’t appeal to many users. Surveys indicate that the major reason for the lukewarm response to Windows Phone 8 was owing to the lack of apps it has. Although Microsoft boasts that Windows Store, the official platform to download compatible apps for Windows Phone 8 devices, will outrun Google Play and Apple Store, the current status and number of apps is pretty low. A good number of apps popular on Android and iOS are not there on Windows Store. It has already been a year since Microsoft has released Windows Phone 8 and yet there has not been any positive move to make Windows Store popular.

While users can find a plethora of free apps for their Android devices from Google Play, Windows Store presents only a tiny number of apps and moreover, users are required to purchase some of the apps. Microsoft believes its latest offer to provide free cloud storage on Skydrive would attract a remarkable number of smart phone users.

Android devices

SkyDrive cloud storage

As part of its offer of free Microsoft cloud storage on SkyDrive, Microsoft is sending a promo email to its Windows Phone 8 users. The email states that “To show our appreciation of Windows Phone customers, we are giving you an extra 20 GB of free SkyDrive storage for one year. This is in addition to the 7GB of free SkyDrive storage that all customers currently have.”

Meanwhile, some critics pointed out that Microsoft is not giving the Windows Phone 7 users the free cloud storage offer. Clearly, Microsoft wants the Windows Phone 7 users also to move to its latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

About The Best Cloud Storage Apps Available On Android

Cloud storage

        Cloud storage Apps Available In Android

One of the safest options available today for the storage of files and documents is cloud storage. There is an increased chance of losing data, when you store files and documents in storage devices like pen drives and hard disks. Moreover, there is also a chance that your files and data will be hacked and it will result in the loss of very important information. Therefore, the best way to preserve your data is by using cloud online storage.

Cloud online storage offers you many advantages when compared to the traditional storage methods. A portable storage option is provided and most of the service providers gives you the option to store files, books, documents and other files and is possible to access these data from anywhere by using any web browsers. Nowadays, the smart phones and tablets will also gives the user the option to access cloud online storage. If you have an active internet connection, it is possible to access Android cloud apps from your Android phone and thereby allowing you to access your files and folders from any part of the world.

Given below are some of the best cloud online storage apps available on Android.

Google Drive

This is best cloud online storage app that is available on Android OS. It provides a very smooth and an easy integration with other applications of Google. By using the Gmail app, a user can send the files stored in the Google drive and it also allows you to edit and view the files and documents. The data in the Google drive can be edited continuously and it is the best thing that is available in Google Drive.

Gmail app

         Android cloud storage apps

The oldest and the famous cloud online storage apps that is available for Android is DropBox. DropBox initially provides a storage space of 2GB and the storage space can be increased after paying a premium. This storage service provides easy storing and sharing of data and will take the back up of all the images and photos in the Android phone.


This is the cloud service provided by the tech giant Microsoft. The interface offered by the Skydrive is simple and the Android version of the SkyDrive is as good as the one used in desktops. This storage app will help you to store files, documents, images, videos and other files. Moreover, it provides a storage space of 7GB that allows you to upload the files very easily and fast.

These are the best cloud storage apps available for Android.